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AC Consulting is a Data & Artificial Intelligence consultancy helping business to optimize processes, enhance productivity, improve operational performance, and expand decision making through AI solutions.

Founded by Ana Clarke, a senior C-suite data scientist experienced in adding business value applying AI technologies across all aspects of the business.

ana clarke

Dr. Ana Clarke - Founder & Managing Director

Ana is an entrepreneur at heart and an enthusiastic lifelong learner. She has extensive experience leading, mentoring and growing teams, working with stakeholders to spearhead innovative solutions and enhancements to existing products by applying machine learning and deep learning technologies across all aspects of the business.

During her professional career, she has held senior management positions in the areas of Data & AI across several industries, such as, retail, government, education, telco, agriculture, consulting and health.

Having years of practice building and deploying models for ML applications, it comes to her naturally to be a great communicator between stakeholders and the engineering team, identifying new business opportunities, prioritize pursuits for AI, and simplify technical concepts in a way that gets everyone in the business on board.

Ana is particularly passionate about diversity and inclusion within AI technologies.

Please get in touch if you are interested in Data and AI, or you would like to bring your organization along on this journey.

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